Tiro Installation


  • Perl 5.8 or later.
  • A web server with CGI and HTTP authentication (Apache with SSL is prefered.)
  • Perl modules that must be installed:
  • Date::Manip (tested with version 5.44)
    • http://search.cpan.org/~sbeck/Date-Manip/
  • File::Slurp (tested with version 9999.13)
    • http://search.cpan.org/~uri/File-Slurp/
  • List::MoreUtils (tested with version 0.25_01)
    • http://search.cpan.org/~adamk/List-MoreUtils/

Quick Installation

  • Edit install.sh
  • Run install.sh
  • Configure your installation. See the CONFIG document.

Manual Installation

  • Create a directory under your cgi-pub for tiro. Say, cgi-pub/tiro/.

  • Copy the tiro.cgi file as well as the assignments, submissions and system directories into cgi-pub/tiro/.

  • VERY IMPORTANT: Configure your folder permissions.

On Apache this is done via .htaccess. TODO. Set permissions.

  • Configure your server to use HTTPS authentication

  • On most Apache installations this is as simple as editing cgi-pub/.htaccess to contain the following lines and making sure the .htaccess has group and world read permissions: <Files tiro.cgi> AuthType KerberosV5 AuthName “UITS Network ID” Require valid-user >/Files<

  • Configure your installation. See the CONFIG document.